About Us

Since 2008 EPIN-GAMESTORE.COM has been dedicated to bringing the best pre-paid digital gaming products to consumers around the world.   We specialize in MMOs, Free-2-Plays and pre-paid virtual currencies.


We find, scratch or secure the digital products you need so you can keep playing without leaving the comfort of your home.

Epins-gamestore.com was founded by gamers, for gamers a claim that is often made but one that we are sincere about.   Our founders met online in the early 2000s in the virtual world of Ultima Online and a lasting friendship and business partnership began.   In early 2008 we launched Epins-gamestore.com specializing in many of the MMO products that were popular at that time:   World of Warcraft, followed by games like Age of Conan, Warhammer Online and many others.   We were also one of the first companies online to offer the Nexon Cash card once it became available in 2007.   What we heard from our customers is that they didn't want to go to the store to buy pre-paid cards.   Many of them were without cars or lived in remote areas where pre-paid cards were in limited supply.   Often times they wanted to buy more cards than retail stores could keep on the shelves.   We build our business around meeting this demand.   In many cases parents have told us that they prefer to purchase a pre-paid card over putting their credit card directly on the website of a game company because they know they will not be subjected to a recurring charge.   We pride ourselves on helping gamers find what they need and stay gaming rather than hunt for a card that they don't need shipped to them or that they don't need to spend time driving around time to buy.   Our codes are all digitally delivered direct to the consumer by email 

In late 2012 we began accepting payments via Bitcoin through our partner Coingate and we are pleased to report this has been an incredible success

Our customers love a digital product so it makes great sense that they have embraced a digital currency.   Bitcoin has been a great fuel for our growth and helped reduce transaction fees and risk associated with international transactions.